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Urban Orchard brings nutritious wholefood meals to the work day. The concept, created by former solicitor Gabrielle Levette, evolved from her frustration at trying to find healthy, grab-and-go choices in the city to help sustain the long hours she spent at the office.

Recognising other time-poor professionals would value quick, convenient and affordable wholefood options, she surrounded herself with a great team – who shared her enthusiasm for making natural, wholesome food accessible for busy people – and launched Urban Orchard.

A fan of farmers’ markets and a keen home cook for her young family, Gabrielle loves sourcing ethical and sustainable produce and experimenting with everything wholefoods, from baking to fermenting to making tinctures and elixirs.


At Urban Orchard, we aim to reduce the eco-footprint of food. Follow us on Instagram, where you will find out more about the non-profit organisations we support – and how they are contributing to the sustainability issues we care about.